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narmical's gameplay for Golden Axe: Beast Rider (X360)

narmical played Golden Axe: Beast Rider

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narmical said...
  • frustrated
  • Advanced
Beat some more levels, got frustrated by the game play, sent the game back to gamefly
Golden Axe: Beast Rider

Golden Axe: Beast Rider (X360)

Genre/Style: Action/Third-person 3D Action
Release Date: 14/OCT/08
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What did you find frustrating? Was it the timing? I love this game.
The timing was wonderful idea, but didn't work out exactly as advertised. I did not find i was able to cancel out of everything using it. Maybe my timing was off. But sometimes when i pressed the dodge or parry button in the middle of a combo nothing happened. Which tells me "button invalid" not "timing off".

The frustrating part two fold. The distance between restart points was too long, and the mounts were less than helpful. I would complete a hard fought battle just to be confronted with guys on mounts, and i was toast. I had to play the whole level over again, many times.
Also the beasts were more of a liability than a help. They were less maneuverable than the stand alone player, could not block parry or dodge and if you got knocked off, the bad guys would get on and would be extremely hard to dismount.
I ended up using the mounts as artillery, waist there life on specials until they died.
It may be too late if you've already sent it back, but I'll say it anyway if you're curious.

You can cancel out of anything, but this is the confusing part. You can only cancel out, if someone does something that requires a defensive move and if they do, you have to time it just right. It's hard but once you get the timing down, you can definitely do it every time.

With regard to the beasts, its super easy to dismount the bad guys once you learn how. YOu just have to run up to them (usually from an angle) and jump then kick. You'll do a brutal knockback (flaming jump kick) that throws them out of the saddle. Once you get this down, the beasts become much more useful, especially the big ones you get later. Also, with the beasts, they can do a quick turn that is handy, but the tutorial never tells you this.

The best part about this game was the brutal counters. If you learn the right counter for a certain type of guy, you can basically kill almost anything in one hit (and sometimes a brutal counter will be so devastating that it will kill enemies nearby the guy you're countering as well). The animations are great, each enemy has unique animations for evade and parry. Sometimes you rip their heads off, or on one guy you will jump back, throw your sword in their chest and then pounce on them and remove it as they fall to the ground dead. The timing is a total bitch and takes tons of practice, but once you get it, the results are spectacular.

Sorry you didn't like it. I'm finding out most people get frustrated with this game before it starts to get good. It's definitely not for everyone as it's a bit repetitive until you figure out how to do all the brutals. Have you played any games lately that you just loved that most other people just couldn't get into?
Also, I forgot the mention, yeah, the save points only at the end of the levels was brutal and almost had me quitting as well. Certainly I was pissed more than once replaying a level for a third or fourth time. I think if they had better checkpoints, people would have given this game a chance.
Honestly, better checkpoints would have been all it would have took to keep me paying the game. Like save only at the end of a level, but if you die you can start half way.

Super Mario Bros had shorter levels, and still had mid check points :-P

I never really figured out the brutal counters for more than one or two bad guys.

Can you brutal counter a guy in armor?

I can relate to people not liking a game that i love. I absolutely loved way of the samurai. Most people did not

PS. I am a very stubborn person, double so when it comes to video games. I am willing to retry a fight like 20 times in a row before i get bored and give up. But to re-do 5 or so almost die every time fights, turned out to be too much for me.
Armor yes. A shield no. Gotta knock the shield out before you can brutal. But if they have armor on, you won't kill em in one hit with a brutal.

Yeah, those checkpoints (or lack thereof) is what killed this game I think. It could have been much more popular. At the time it came out they claimed they were working on the sequel. If the poor sales of the first game didn't kill it, I hope they add a better save system.

I never played Way of the Samurai, maybe I'll throw that into my goozex queue and see what it's all about. Thanks for the recommendation!
no prob. its an adventure game with a branchnig story line. The story is short, but all the better to play over to explore the branches.

The gunts instead of talking and not so great graphics turn most people off.
Hey, I was just about to play Mirrors Edge and I see you only gave it one star. Is it that bad? Should I even bother?
I was only able to stand the first 2 levels of it. The parkour was relay annoying. In other parkour games, like Prince of Persia and Assassin's Creed, you just vaguely point the pc at something to jump on, and he delivers.

In Mirrors edge, it was not as easy, you needed way better aim and the places to jump were not as obvious. Also, jumping puzzles in first person is a tough experience. Its hard to see where you are landing and whats around you to jump on.

When you are jumping and climbing in real life, you have your proprioception to know where your body is in relation to the world, in first person you don't have that. proprioception is why you can touch your nose with your eyes closed. This is why i think 3rd person jumping is so important.

For example, the wall to wall jumping is way hard in Mirrors edge, partly because of the 1st person camera. While you are doing it, the camera is whipping around and its hard to see when you have reached the other wall enough to do the second jump. And when your done, its disorienting because of all the camera spinning.

Frankly I'm surprised that anyone even makes 1st person jumpers any more.
Hmmm, that's what I was afraid of. I wish they would release a patch that would enable a 3rd person camera. I think Metroid Prime is the only game I've played that was successful with first person platforming type movements. I think I won't bother with this. Thanks.
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