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narmical's gameplay for The Last Express (PC-MAC)

narmical played The Last Express

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Ran into more frustrating failings of feedback. I tried climbing out my window at one point, only to almost fall off the train. But then, you needed to climb out a different window to move between locked rooms.

Clues were on a 5 page document that had no visual identification that there were 5 pages. Other documents in the game had folded corners or graphics of stacked pages to indicate multiple pages.

The time system is rather broken. Its cool to have time pass and have events happen if you start them or not. But there is no fast forward. At one point i had items i waited to trade with NPCs but they were too busy at a music recital. I had to wait 10 to 20 real life minutes for it to finish!
The Last Express

The Last Express (PC-MAC)

Genre/Style: Adventure/Interactive Movie
Release Date:
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